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Who is behind SDG Invest

SDG Invest is founded by Stockrate Asset Management and SDGlead. The investment fund thereby draws on expertise and experience in selecting the strongest financial companies in the World as well as generating value through sustainable business innovations and responsible business conduct.

The SDG Invest Sustainability Scorecard and associated processes are subject to an annual review by the accountancy firm PwC under the attestation standard ISAE 3000.

Stockrate Asset Management is an independent Danish asset management company, which manages large portfolios and advises the investment fund StockRate Invest.

SDGlead advises companies on sustainability, business ethics and value creation through responsible and sustainable business practices.

The World’s sustainable development goals (SDGs) are creating a platform to meet the greatest challenges of our times. Sustainability is at the heart of transforming the World’s economy. Business models must address societal challenges.

Anne-Louise Thon Schur • Co-founder, SDG Invest


SDG Invest is established as an investment fund categorized as an alternative investment fund (AIF), which is regulated by the ”Alternative Investment Fund Managers Directive”. SDG Invest is administered by StockRate Forvaltning, which is supervised by the Danish Financial Supervisory Authority.

As an investor, you buy shares in the investment fund. These are stored on deposit in your bank account and are recorded in the VP Securities, like any other securities investment.

The Scandinavian Enskilda Bank (SEB) is the depositary. This means that the investment fund’s values are stored in SEB. Also, SEB issues the investment fund’s shares.

You can invest in SDG Invest by contacting StockRate Asset Management, your own bank or your investment broker. You can download the subscription form here.