Our active ownership policy makes us unique on the financial market.

We believe in active ownership as a powerful strategy, and we use it to give feedback to the companies and advocate for change.

When we engage with large cap listed companies, we speak for our investors. Since we have based our analysis on the UN Sustainable Development Goals, we can address specifically where and how the companies can improve to better drive the change.

“Companies watch what consumers are doing like a hawk. Just as one letter to a politician can signal an incipient problem, for companies, a trend where people are beginning to switch away from one of their key products to a rival offering on the basis of either claims or real improvements on performance, that’s significant.” ~  John Elkington


1 We share our analysis with the companies on where they can improve on sustainability

Once a year, when we are reviewing the companies in our portfolio, we write to the Chair of the Boards and explain where the companies are doing good, and where they can improve.

2 We engage with the companies that have the most potential to do better

Besides being in annual contact with all companies in our portfolio, we have chosen to directly approach the five companies in our portfolio that holds the most potential to improve.

3 We react to current cases and issues

We monitor for issues related to the companies we are invested in. If we find that these cases go against our investment strategy, we take directly contact to them. We are aware that our investments in large, global companies involve complicated supply chains, and that this will make it harder for companies to fully protect themselves from critical instances.

As well as we appreciate transparency from the companies we invest in, we wish to be transparent regarding our proactive work on sustainability. We publish an annual Impact Report, where you can get more motivation.

If you have any questions in relation to our work on active ownership, you are welcome to contact us at ats@sdginvest.dk