We select the companies for the SDG Invest portfolio through a thorough 3 step analysis. 

We have high requirements  for our companies’ financial results, their performance on sustainability, governance, and their work on global challenges and the UN SDGs. It is part of our philosophy, and a promise to investors, that we will neither compromise on returns nor sustainability leadership.

Only the best and most ambitious companies are included in our portfolio. From a global total of 65,000 listed companies, just 50-100 meet our demands. We are thorough when we screen for potential investments , and we have a deep knowledge of the companies within the SDG Invest portfolio. We use this knowledge to engage in dialogue with all companies in the portfolio to ensure we reach the SDGs no later than 2030. Our sustainability analysts proactively select and score the companies, and our financial analysts continuously screen all companies on the StockR8 model. This means that our investors can always get an adequate answer as to why we are invested in any given company.